Autumn Flavors

Check out these autumn desserts. Perfectly encompassing the fall colors and flavors.

Candied Flavor

Candied Fruit Bread

Fruit is always a seasonal flavor favorite. These candied fruits can add the perfect fall colors to your next dessert.

Vanilla Flavor

Sugar Free Cake

Sugar-Free is a great option for health-conscious individuals.

Strawberry Flavor

Strawberry Pie

An autumn flavor you might not have considered is strawberry! Our pie filling has a perfect ratio of whole fruit and flavor.

Chocolate Flavor

Chocolate Croissant

Croissants themselves are popular at the holiday table. Chocolate-filled croissants are a gourmet twist. These chocolate batons can be laid in the pastry dough and rolled in for a perfect chocolate taste in every bite.

Sweet and Sour Fruit Flavor

Pâte De Fruits

These delicious sugar sweet treats can be fussy to make. They are perfect for the holidays in certain flavors. Need some tips? Check out this info from Mr Dach about “Respectin The Pectin” CLICK HERE

chocolate Flavor


A delicious holiday hit!

Almond Flavor

Almond Cookies

Almond is the perfect autumn flavor. There are so many possibilities with pastes like the one listed here. What are you making with almond flavor?

Cafe Flavor


In italian Tiramisu means “Cheer Me Up”. It is a widely known and loved dessert. The cafe flavoring listed here is a popular item used in tiramisu.

Hazelnut Flavor

Hazelnut Desserts

Another great Autumn flavor is hazelnut! The Callebaut hazelnut paste listed here can be used in a variety of ways.

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