Established in 1910 by Mr. Wilhelm Hauser, thermohauser came to be known in the market as supplier of high quality products for the baking industry. The name thermohauser is the synthesis of the family name Hauser and thermoplastics which the company started processing in the 1950s. In 1970 thermohauser was sold by Mr. Hauser´s son to the current owners, the Busch family. Still today, thermohauser remains a family owned business now in the hands of the third generation.


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Tacky or Smooth Disposable Pastry Bags- Various sizes

Thermohauser´s growth for many years was based on the high quality reusable pastry bags it offered. The company expanded internationally and has been represented in the US since the 1960s.  In 1994 the fully owned subsidiary thermohauser of America, Inc. was established now serving the North American markets.

Today, the thermohauser product range is formed by three groups:

  1. Pastry bags & accessories
  2. Tools & utensils, covering a broad range of smallwares for baking and cooking purposes
  3. Transportation & insulation boxes for food transport – Highly popular today for „Contactless Food Delivery“

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